Not too long ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be a proven front runner on the website hosting market. Its recognition grew so large that nowadays cPanel is an equivalent of Control Panel. Still, the cPanel Control Panel has been constructed on outdated ideas and what worked great in 2005 isn’t true at present.

For this reason, we invented the Domaci Hosting Control Panel, built on the ideas of these days and geared up for the tests of tomorrow. It’s been made to function in the cloud, to always be easy to use and to also help you control all aspects of your online presence: site, domain and invoicing, all from a single location.

1. Domain/billing/web site settings

If you would like to handle your domains, web sites and payments from a single place and not have to work with any other interfaces, the Domaci Hosting Control Panel is what you need.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t offer concurrent handling of domain names and sites. You will be given one payments panel for your domain names and bills, and another Control Panel for your websites.

2. File Arrangement

Using the Domaci Hosting Control Panel, each domain and subdomain will have its unique folder inside the main cloud web hosting account directory. In this manner, all sites are going to be independent from each other.

Within the cPanel Control Panel, you’ve just one folder for your primary site and all the extra websites are placed within this folder. This would make handling a number of websites from a single interface very confusing.

3. File Manager

Using the File Manager of the Domaci Hosting Control Panel, you’ll have full control over the files of your web sites. It will be easy for you to instantly add new files with a drag–and–drop functionality, effectively change several files at a time with the multi–selection functionality, extract archives with a click, edit files using the included generic and WYSWYG editors and many more.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and constrained in characteristics. Submitting many different data files takes a great deal of time and will not offer drag–n–drop support. The builtin zip/unarchive tool is untrustworthy and the file managing tools offer you solely basic controls. There isn’t easy access to the available file administration capabilities.

4. Cost–free Add–ons

The Domaci Hosting Control Panel is administered by us and features a big collection of free–of–charge gifts that might usually cost you about $1000 bucks with some other hosts. You will have access to numerous free of cost website templates, the Easy Site Installer, Web Application Installer, a PHP Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Instruments, etc.

The cPanel Control Panel is delivered by using a commercial license and additional extras will be included at an added fee. This means, even if your service provider delivers free gifts inside the cPanel, their particular price is going to be included in the price of your hosting plan. In addition, the quantity and sort of totally free benefits will vary from one website hosting supplier to another.

5. Control Panel Interface Rates of Performance

The Domaci Hosting Control Panel is created employing the newest web related technologies. This way, it utilizes fully the power of your web browser and Internet connection to so you can handle your web sites really fast. In our assessment tests, when doing identical jobs, the Control Panel scored 3 times faster rates versus well–established control panels.

The cPanel Control Panel is configured on a large number of servers, working on a wide array of hardware and software setups. Nonetheless, its common circulation ends in significantly sluggish and much less secure performance compared to similar site management solutions that are designed for just one system solely.

6. Multi–domain Controls

The Domaci Hosting Control Panel helps you quickly control different websites and their domain names from one place. Each site will have its very own special directory in the main directory of your website hosting account and will also be fully independent from the rest. This way, you can employ only 1 website hosting account to manage as many domains and websites as you have.

With cPanel, it is out of the question to handle your domain names and your websites from one area, because the two user interfaces are divided. You have to log into two different web addresses every time you want to modify your domain settings and web site contents at a time.

7. Control Panel Menu

With the Domaci Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be presented with the latest stats for your sites and with quick shortcut icons to the most often used areas. Plus, you are able to move within the Control Panel, thanks to Domaci Hosting’s top navigation bar, which contains instant access to all offered Control Panel sections.

On the cPanel main page, you will see icons for all sections of the Control Panel. Consequently, even though you never work with a section, you will still see it on the index page. Additionally, to switch between sections, you have to browse to the home page and afterwards head to another section.

8. Demo Accounts

The Domaci Hosting Control Panel contains a full demo that demonstrates almost every menu and capability it is equipped with. You can start creating a site, install apps, make email addresses, and so forth. Thus, you can obtain a much more in–depth perception of its user interface and characteristics before you sign up.

The cPanel Control Panel comes with a basic demo account that doesn’t offer you access to the primary site management tools you want to analyze. It’ll illustrate the way a common home page looks like and you will have access to one or two of all the offered menus. The other areas will be turned off until you enroll.

We can mention every single capability of our Web Site Control Panel here and evaluate it against the cPanel Control Panel. Nevertheless, it’s going to be quicker if you simply take a quick look at the live demo to see the difference on your own.

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