Being able to effortlessly administer your domains is extremely essential and can enhance your user experience as a hosting client. The platforms that lots of web hosting companies use are not that easy to use, so you can often find yourself in a scenario where you have to sign in and out of different Control Panels to carry out a specific task, even if you have one single domain. Not only is this awkward, but it also takes more time and effort in comparison to having an all-in-one tool where you can access everything you need without logging in and out all the time. For instance, registering a new domain name, hosting it and uploading the web files associated with it involves the use of at least two separate systems, especially if you’re using the most famous web hosting platforms on the market.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with each semi-dedicated server package that we offer, is an all-in-one tool, which will grant you full command over your account and which features our fully featured Domain Manager. The latter permits you to administer everything associated with the domain names in the account – both the hosted and the registered ones. The most vital options are all here – you can register or renew a domain name, add Whois Privacy Protection to it, park and forward it or modify its WHOIS information. The Domain Manager, though, is much more than just a list of your domain names, plus several ordinary options. It is an avant-garde tool, within which you will discover fast-access buttons, using which you can effortlessly create a database or a mail account, access the website files pertaining to a certain domain name or check exhaustive visitor statistics and access logs. Albeit powerful, the Domain Manager is intuitive, so it can be used by individuals with little-to-no practical experience.